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  Private Guiding & Specially Designed Courses
  Private guiding can be arranged all year round, and is available anywhere in the UK.

This is suitable for people who have specific goals, or who require our services on a daily basis only. Also for people who want to hire a guide on a one to one basis.

Private guiding starts at £120 per day for one/two people, £50 per person for groups of three or more. Maximum of five people per guide.

You need that little extra!
The Inpin

back to topThe Inaccessible Pinnacle

On Top of the In Pin

For some, the Inaccessible Pinnacle is the top prize on the Cuillin Ridge. Cuillin Guides offer the opportunity to achieve this in one day. This climb can also be arranged on Saturdays, which allows it to be a weekend break.

For up to two people the charge is £90 per person.

For groups of between two and six the charge is £45 per person.

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